Blount County

Highway Department

1227 McArthur  Road      Maryville, TN 37804

   Bill Dunlap, Superintendent                                      Hubert McKee, Ass't Superintendent 


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Superintendent – Bill Dunlap                   email:


Elected to office in August 1994 he is responsible for maintaining approximately 1,282 miles of roads and 160 plus bridges in Blount County.  Approximately 55 miles of re-paving is scheduled each year.  State aid for the replacement or repair of 62 of these bridges is available, with the state incurring 80% of the cost and Blount County 20% of the cost.  At present 28 have been replaced, 1 has been totally eliminated, and 4 are under design and development.


The Highway Department’s operating budget is approximately $5.2 million annually and is funded through sales tax, gasoline tax, mineral severance tax, and state aid programs.  The department maintains its own fleet of vehicles and equipment.  It also mixes and blends some maintenance materials and makes sure each is environmentally friendly.


Mission Statement


Our VISION  is:


To have a Highway Department recognized as being totally

committed to the public.

To maintain and build roads and bridges required to carry the citizens of this county

into the future.


Our  MISSION  is:


To provide the citizens of Blount County with outstanding service.

To cultivate public trust thru integrity.

To efficiently maintain and expand the roadway infrastructure in the county.




Ø       Integrity and Credibility

Ø       Respecting all members of this community by listening to their requests then responding quickly and appropriately.

Ø       Recognizing each employees loyalty, importance, and dedication to the Mission of the Blount County Highway Department.

Ø       Creating an environment that employees are proud to work in, knowing that each one has a role which

plays a tremendous part in the success of the Highway Department

Ø       Fiscal responsibility and accountability to the citizens of this county

Ø       Forming partnerships to improve our community

Ø       Recognizing the Highway Department works for the citizens of Blount County.

                                                               Bill Dunlap                                       


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Administrative Personnel


Director -  Engineering                             Tony Abbott  

Director –  Roads & Bridges                      John DeLozier        

Inspector–  Subdivision / State Projects      Ronnie Sharp 


Office Personnel - Deborah Ingram ----Assistant Director ROADS Management System

                            Nancy Eggers -------Payroll Technician                                        

                            Kristy Britnell -------Account Clerk                                               

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Contact/Business Information


                   Business Hours are Monday thru Friday, 7:30 AM – 3:30 PM.  However, personnel are on site 24 hours a day.


Office:  865.982.4652          Fax:  865.681.8938



                                     DRIVE CAREFULLY! 

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Last Revised: April 15, 2008