December Exhibits


December 1 to 31:

  • “Blount County Middle Schools Student Art” Exhibit, coordinated by Marsha Krout, on the Art Panels at the Reading Rotunda end of the Main Gallery, in the vertical case at the nook of the wall at the end of the Circulation Check-in Desk, and in one square pedestal display case in the Entry Rotunda of the library.
  • “Paintings” Exhibit, by Medha Karandikar, will be on the Art Wall at the Bookmark Café.
  • “Christmas” Exhibit, by Adult Services, will be in the square pedestal display case near the Audio Visual (AV) area in the Main Gallery.
  • “World Peace” Exhibit, by Robert McClelland, located in one vertical display case near the Audio Visual (AV) area of the library.
  • “Appalachian Christmas” Exhibit, by Linda Marcus, will be in the Genealogy display case at Temporary Books Shelves.
  • “Steps of Basket Making” Exhibit, by Bruce Robertson, will be in one Mid-Gallery cases near the Magazine Shelves in the Main Gallery of the library.
  • “Blount County Arts and Crafts Guild Member Art” Exhibit, coordinated by Ginny Dockery, will be on two easels in the sitting area of the Main Gallery.
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